Latest VP Updates

Upload Pedestrian Stops to IDOT

Pedestrian Stops have been added to the program that creates files
to be uploaded to IDOT.

Use Vptools/Updates/Get current list from WEB to download this
update along with other system improvements.

Besides adding Pedestrian stops, file names are now automatically generated
for Traffic and Pedestrian stops

the file name for Traffic is "trafddmmyy.txt" (ddmmyy - today's date)
Pedestrian is "pedddmmyy.txt"

Both are created in your IDOT folder x:\vp\idot
(where x is your server drive letter)

If your drive letter is v: and you create the files on 6/30/16,
the full names are "v:\vp\idot\traf063016.txt" (traffic)
and "v:\vp\idot\ped063016.txt" (pedestrian)

Your exact file names will be shown on the screen as the files are created.
It is usually a good idea to jot them down before going to the IDOT
website to upload them.

You can choose to only create Traffic or Pedestrian files. The default
is to create both.

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