Intuitive, Consistent, Powerful

Easy to use setup programs allow entry of commonly used reference files.
Setup for case reports, officer training, and all others - all operate the same way.
All Records are then entered quickly and cleanly using these building block files.
Searching and printing history by combinations of parameters you choose provides
accurate and valuable information about your agency - and the people and area you serve.

Enter it Once, Use it Forever

Case reports, citations, and other officer activity are all entered using master files
for officers, activity, persons, vehicles, and locations. As each record is entered
it is immediately retrievable by a variety of search paths. Whether it is a warning
citation for seven over, or an arrest during a domestic; history is tied to these
master files and available to view or print in any order you choose.


User ID and password based menus insure that the right people are seeing
and using the right portions of the program. Additional security settings are set
for juvenile cases, evidence management, confidential cases, and gang records.
Once any record is completed, it can be set to read only. Users with access to
see the record still can, they simply can't make any changes without additional

Take it to the Streets

Using VP Portable File Utility (no web connect needed), VP rides shotgun in your MDC.
On your portable/MDC, all VP records can be viewed, and the records for your shift
can be entered - across town or out of state.
Back at your agency, the File Utility uses a wireless or plug in connection to your
local area network, to upload MDC records to the server and download server files,
in a session lasting a couple of minutes.

We Talk to Your Friends

Besides VPshare - our multi-agency, web based, information sharing package,
we communicate with your other equipment and agencies.
In Illinois, that means uploading traffic stop information to IDOT.
We also generate UCR reports, and have information bridges to mapping software,
a victim notification agency, and fingerprinting equipment.
Also, any report generated in VP (including case reports) can easily be
attached to your outgoing emails.


Spell checker is provided in all major programs with text entry.
You can also Search/Replace text for misspelled names etc..
If you prefer to enter your narratives in another word processer, we don't mind.
Copy and paste into the VP narrative area whenever you are ready.
Other records in VP can be amended by aimple retrieve, amend, and OK.
(if the record is Read Only, it must be unlocked first by an authorized user)

Toss the Spreadsheets

Many of the tasks you are doing on the side, VP has built in.
Modules for officer training, vehicle and equipment maintenance,
bicycle registration, pet registration, residential house watches and others.
Print a list of all training for a single officer, all department scheduled training for
the next two months, or all training of a single type that is due to expire.
Likewise, you can list how much you spent on that 98 Crown Vic in the last two
years, or how much you spent at Joe's Garage last month.
Or how about a list of all firearms in the department with make,model,serial number.
And let VP track your residential house watches. Enter the residence and active dates.
Officer activity is easily attached to the house while they are away.
Send the owners a listing of officer house checks when they get back - great PR.