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VP Cloud Records Management Software

We have been serving those who serve for over 30 years. More than 130 agencies are currently using VP products for their law enforcement software needs. Between Records Management, Computer Aided Dispatch, and Jail Management Systems, we cover all of your agency's needs with innovative, state of the art user friendly software. Our product is cloud based, on a secure server, with professional support.

All programs and files reside on a series of servers on the world wide web. To access the software and your information, you point your web browser to the correct page, log on with your designated credentials, and you are up and running.

Not tied to any platform: Your device can be a computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone, or any other web enabled device. Any brand, any version of the operating system that is able to access the web will work. No more concern about the next version of your operating system.

Not tied to the office: Anywhere you can get on line, you are connected.

All updates are in real time: No file syncing is required. Devices away from the office see and update all information instantly.

Program updates:Because the web programs (pages) do not sit on your computer, you never have to update your system. All program changes are installed and in use instantly.

Less office technical support: A local area network connecting computers to a server is no longer required. All each computer or other device needs is access to the internet. Installing a new computer? Out of the box, connect to world wide web, sign on, and you are in.

Backup: All programs and files are backed up daily. Multiple copies (generations) of all your files reside on 2 or more servers.

Security:In addition to user id and password, a department number and device id are required to access your files. Each device is set up for authentication with its own password assigned by Brownlee Data Systems.

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